Organization Diagnose service

By examining, analyzing and evaluating the current status of the organization in terms of its organizational behavior and human resources.

This is achieved by obtaining and reviewing the data and measuring its availability, documenting the organizational structure, measuring the variance ratio (approved vs. operational), reviewing the functions and maturity of the organizational development; (the vision, mission, strategic objectives, organizational structure, competencies framework, job descriptions, key performance indicator of the organization, staff and departments and their capacity). As well as talent management through assessment of practices (recruitment and selection, career path, compensation and benefits, succession planning, development and training plan, training and development platforms). In addition to focus on demographic assessment of the workforce in terms of gender, age, academic qualification, academic specialization, average years of experience and linking this to the organization's overall strategy, additionally evaluating the infrastructure and technological solutions used to manage human resource operations and talent management. As well as measuring other indicators related to this field.

The consultancy study produces a set of outputs as follows:

  • Comprehensive assessment of organizational behavior and workforce.
  • Describe the current organizational position that should be present and set the optimal position for the organization future in line with its vision.
  • Organizational development plans, corrective actions and quick gains.